Technical properties

CORIAN® is hygienic

As non-porous material with no joints while connected, it creates a perfectly smooth work area, into which neither impurities nor bacteria penetrate.

CORIAN® is easy to clean and maintain

Surfaces made of Corian are easy and quick to clean with available means and abrasive powders (Ajax, Cif). Very easy removal of small scratches is one of the absolutely unique properties of Corian in the household.

CORIAN® is attractive and colour-fast with a long life

Even after many years, CORIAN® is still fresh and preserves an attractive look.

CORIAN® is extraordinarily workable

It meets requirements for diverse atypical forms. Designers appreciate its functional and various workability.

CORIAN® has top quality

Corian is in accordance with all hygienic regulations of the European Union. Its extraordinary life span, easy maintenance as well as repairability are associated with a 10-year warranty - which all adds up to a great investment.

Quality Network

The DuPont company - CORIAN® division - guarantees a high quality standard of products and their installation through the worldwide "Quality Network". This network is made up of authorised processors, professionals and warranty technicians whose task is to render services of the highest quality.